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Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

When a company or individual promotes someone else’s products, they are participating in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing aims at generating revenue by promoting third-party products and services.

No investing money just promote product with your affiliate link, if a customer purchases through an affiliate link your commision amount automatically added your affiliate account.

Affiliate marketing business based on revenue sharing, No investment, No Expenses, No worrys Only earnings your Sales Profit that's all, all of you easy to start affiliate marketing business.

How do Start Affiliate business ?

First one you promote third party product with your affiliate account link to Social media

Second method you purchase your own e-commerce website then add all product in single platform then you promote your website highly sales volume highly profit

E-Commerce website Cost ?

Choose your Domain name, 1 year = 700/-
Hosting account 1 year Validity = 1200/-
SSL Certificate must your Website= 800/-
Simple Website Creating Charges = 300/-

overall website Cost Rs 3000/- Per Year

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